North Star State Quilt Along Announcement

I’m starting a Quilt Along for my newest pattern! The quilt is North Star State, and I will be posting all the instructions here on my blog over the next several weeks.

You will also be able to download for free, printer friendly instructions from my website as the steps are released on a weekly basis.

The complete pattern is also available for purchase now on my website as a PDF download or in print

North Star State quilt size 78″ x 96″

My target date for launching the Quilt Along is Monday March 15, 2021. Steps will be released weekly thereafter, for a about 8 weeks.

Now is the time to tell all your friends and quilting groups so others can join in and  have fun making this quilt!

If you are unsure of what fabrics you might want to use for your quilt, I will post in the next update, (before the actual Quilt Along start) a couple of other color/fabric options.

Happy Quilting!


Facebook Page

Facebook Group – newly created for all to share photos of their quilting projects!



15 thoughts on “North Star State Quilt Along Announcement

  1. I am so happy to see a new quilt along from you. I so enjoyed the last one, and look forward to this one. Thank you for your time and talent. I appreciate all that you do, and impressed with your patterns.

  2. Thank you…it’s beautiful! I’m happy to see that you’re still designing quilts. I just bought the PDF…now I have to gather the scraps.

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