My First YouTube Quilt Tutorial!

I’ve just uploaded my very first YouTube video!

Heritage Trail blocks

Heritage Trail Quilt Block Tutorial with Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts

Here is the link

Setting up and getting ready to start filming for YouTube tutorials has been an adventure!  First trying to find a place in my smaller old house to film was challenging, all my rooms were already in use and filled with quilting stuff. I’m using a spare bedroom that was used as quilt storage, fabric storage, and my cutting room.

The bedroom is small only, 9′ x 11″ and the only wall I could use to put sturdy design walls on to hold the demo quilts has a closet door with molding that protrudes 2″ from the wall. So I had to devise and build design walls that stick out 2″ from the wall but are still  attach to the wall and are removable.

Design wall and me

I like the way I’m able to pin the quilts to the design wall and have them lay so nice and flat. This could also be used to photograph my smaller quilts for pattern and book images.

I purchased a set of photographer’s lights, and they seem to be working pretty good. I also purchase two camcorders; one for front filming and one for my sky cam so that I don’t have to reposition the camcorder every time I want the viewers to see what I’m demoing on the table.

Then there’s the video editing software, I purchased Corel VideoStudio after doing some research for user friendly software.  I’m slowly learning what this software is able to do and allowing myself to enjoy the process.  There is room for improvement on this first tutorial of mine but it will be fun to see how much better (that’s the plan) I become over the next year.

Please feel free to share the video link with any of your friends and quilting groups that you belong to.

Heritage Trail Quilt Block Tutorial with Pat Speth of Nickel Quilts

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