Rock Valley Quilters and the Pieced Borders Workshop

It’s my Pieced Borders workshop for the Rock Valley Quilters in Janesville, Wisconsin.  This group has just completed the warm-up units, Half Square Triangles and Four Patches, and are ready to move on to more great units that can all be made from 5″ squares of fabrics!

Workshop participants

Before they get started on the next unit I bring everyone up to the demo table and walk them through the construction process.  In this staged photo (I’m normally caught with a really unattractive expression on my face while I am talking) I’m pointing out many fun borders they can turn their Hourglass units into!

Demo Table

How I love pot luck lunches!  A shortage of counter space and an abundance of food required transforming this ironing board into a dessert table.

Overflow of goodies

I am looking forward to seeing some fun Pieced Nickel Borders from this group in the future!


Pieced Border Options

This is the quilt I’m sleeping under on this trip.  I can’t help but smile when I walk into the hotel room and see one of my quilts on the bed. It’s the traditional Kansas Troubles block and I put a great pieced Nickel Border on it. I don’t have this quilt in any of my books or published patterns; I don’t really consider it a Nickel Quilt.  Having said that, this then is a good example for the fact that you can put a pieced Nickel Border on any quilt!

Kansas Troubles

Below is a close-up of the piece border on this quilt.  It’s made up of Picket Fence units; they have so many great design possibilities. This border option and many more are in my Nickel Quilts & Borders book.

Border Kansas Troubles

I’m teaching my Pieced Borders workshop a couple of times on this trip and one thing I always like to point out in the class is that any time you make a pieced border that is directional, be sure to flip the border and see what it looks like pointing in the opposite direction. Below is my Four Patch Plaid quilt from my first Nickel Quilt book.  I am using the same picket fence pieced border, but now the border is pointing in towards the quilt.

Four Patch Plaid

Close-up of the pieced border on Four Patch Plaid.

Border Four Patch Plaid

Now a closer look at how I turned the corners on the pieced borders.  With Kansas Troubles I felt that a Three Patch unit with a dark square in the corner was the perfect way to turn the corners.

Corner Kansas Troubles

For Four Patch Plaid, even though I used the very same border, it’s just pointed in towards the quilt, I felt that turning the corner with a four patch was the perfect option.

Corner Four Patch Plaid

So try out different pieced border options and audition different units to turn those corners.  And most of all, have fun!