Faithful Circle Quilters Guild in Downers Grove, IL

I just finished up two great days with the Faithful Circle Quilters Guild in Downers Grove, Illinois. I presented my Fabulous Nickel Borders lecture for their guild and at show and tell I was treated with seeing one of my designs made by a guild member.  This is Four Patch Plaid and is found in Nickel Quilts or The Big Book of Nickel Quilts.  I love the very scrappiness of this quilt!

Four Patch Plaid

The workshop they selected was my Picket Fence Units workshop in which five different quilts can be worked on all in the same workshop!

These are some blocks from the Chesapeake and Dawn to Dusk quilts. Chesapeake is an individual pattern and Dawn to Dusk is found in my More Nickel Quilt book as well as The Big Book of Nickel Quilts.


These three different sets of blocks are all for the Pinwheel on Parade quilt. The fabric choices were; Christmas prints, pastels for a baby quilt, and batiks.  Pinwheels on Parade is from More Nickel Quilt book as well as The Big Book of Nickel Quilts.

Pinwheels on Parade A

Pinwheels on Parade B

Pinwheels on Parade C

Below are some Woodland Clover blocks. The first set is very much like what I made for my quilt and the second block is a good example of controlling the fabrics more within one block.

Woodland Clover

Woodland B

In this workshop I did find a kindred spirit, a quilter using plaids from Upcycled 100% cotton shirts!

Plaids from shirts

As always, I am looking forward to seeing some finished quilts from this workshop!


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Bay Area Quilt Guild and the Picket Fence Units Workshop

The Picket Fence Unit workshop was the choice for the Bay Area Quilt Guild in Houston, Texas.  Five quilts can be worked on in this workshop and all of them were.  It’s so much fun for everyone to see the variety of quilts that can be made and the different fabric choices.  Here are a couple of classroom pictures.

This is a group of blocks used in the Chesapeake quilt.  One participant worked with batiks and two others used 1800s reproduction fabrics.  All look great!

Here are blocks for the Millennium Star quilt which is found in the first Nickel Quilt book. I was able to get photos of blocks by 4 different quilters.  I always love seeing the selection of fabrics and it makes me want make the quilt again.

Some fun and scrappy Woodland Clover blocks from the More Nickel Quilt book.

Without a doubt there are some new quilters hooked on Nickel Quilts after taking this workshop.  Have fun finishing those quilts and email or upload photos!