Carson City Block Play

While making the Carson City Block for Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks Vol. 6 I took the time to play with the units before sewing them all together.

This is the Carson City block that appears in the magazine.

This is variation #1. I took the corner units and gave them a turn so the pink squares are now on the outer corners of the block.

For variation #2 I turned the side units to point away from the center of the block.

For variation #3 I gave each of the side and corner units a 180 degree turn.

Whenever I take the time to do this before sewing a block together I am always amazed at the wonderful variations that appear.  I also want to make a quilt out of each of them and then I start to think about how to set those blocks into quilts and what about the secondary designs . . . . . the ideas go on forever!

Many times people ask me where I come up with the names for my quilts or blocks.  If it’s a traditional block that has been around forever I tend to use that name.  When it is a block I have designed, then it’s usually harder for me to come up with a new name than it was to design the block to begin with!

So why did I call this block Carson City?  Well I decided to name some of my blocks after state capitals- that way I’ll learn the capitals again, something that I have not memorized since 4th or 5th grade! And then I can also spend more time quilting and less time fussing over a name!

Have fun with these blocks!


Quiltmaker 100 blocks Vol. 6

I just received my advance copy of the newest Quiltmaker’s 100 Blocks magazine before I left town.

And I have a block in it!  It’s my first time to submit a block to them, I usually forget about things like magazine deadlines but I was on the ball this time.  It’s a great block if I do say so myself, and of course you can make it from 5″ squares!

This issue is to appear at quilt shops and newsstands by November 13th.  Complete directions for making the block are in the magazine. Below is just one way you could set these blocks in a quilt.

Have fun with this block!


Minnesota Homewarming

In the March/April 2012 issue of Quiltmaker I have a medallion quilt called Minnesota Homewarming. This quilt measures 80″ square.

I have received questions on how to make the quilt bigger.  My suggestion is: the quilt is made of units all finishing 4″ – so to enlarge it you could add more borders of any unit you like that finishes 4″.  You could also add a border of 8″ finished sized blocks.  You might choose to repeat some of the design elements found in the center of the quilt or one of the other borders.

Recently someone asked how to make it longer.  This is what I would do: insert a unit found in the outer border (the shaded half-square-triangle units) after the checkerboard border.

Then add another row of checkerboard.

This would add 16 inches to the quilt.

Looks pretty good to me. And of course it’s made from 5″ squares!