Beach Cities Quilters and the Half-Square-Triangle and Four Patch Workshop

Last weekend I was with the Beach Cities Quilters in Mission Viejo, California.  Their workshop was on Half-Square-Triangle and Four Patches. Fifteen quilts can all be worked on in this workshop!  Before the day was over, I did manage to take a few pictures.

These are units ready to be sewn together for the Jacob’s ladder block.  The quilt is in my More Nickel Quilts book.

Jacob's Ladder

Blocks from two different Market Square quilts.  The Market Square quilt is in my Amazing Nickel Quilts book.  There were so many bright and fun fabrics being used in this workshop; some were from charm packets and others were stash fabrics!

Market SquareMarket Square II

A Sunny Lanes block from my Nickel Quilts book is being made in a controlled palette of greens.

Sunny lanes

These are Northern Lights blocks found in my Nickel Quilts book.  These blocks are a little scrappier than mine and they look great!  It’s a good way to use single charm squares or to alternate busier prints with blender prints.

Northern Lights

This photo shows blocks for two different Northern Lights quilts.  The blocks on the left started with 5″ squares and the ones on the right started with 6″ squares.  Yes, you can use the same unit construction techniques, no matter what size square you start with!  If starting with a larger square, your units will just be larger and your finished blocks will be larger.  A great way to make some charity quilts!

Northern Lights II

Remember, Beach Cities Quilters: I love too see pictures of the finished quilts!


Kingwood Area Quilt Guild Texas

The Kingwood Area Quilt Guild in Texas chose the Half Square Triangle and Four Patch workshop. From these two basic units we have so many options for quilt blocks and in this workshop we are able to make fifteen different quilts. These are blocks for the Northern Lights quilt found in the first Nickel Quilt book.

  Blocks for the Texas Two Step quilt found in the Amazing Nickel Quilts book.   On this design wall are two different sets of Jacob’s Ladder blocks from the More Nickel Quilt book.  The two blocks on the left are set in the same straight set I used for my quilt.  The group of blocks on the right is layed out in a diagonal set.  When I have my Jacob’s Ladder quilt with me I always show how different it appears by just giving the quilt a 45° turn. And through the magic of Photoshop I’m able to show you how the same grouping of blocks would look like in a straight set. For comparison here is my Jacob’s Ladder quilt in its straight set, giving every other block a quarter turn.  

This is what it a section of the quilt looks like in a diagonal set.  The block itself seems to disappear and the quilt looks like it is made from nine patch blocks set on point with added black triangles and rows of sashing, with black squares and bright fabrics.

So Many ways to use those 5″ squares!