Waste Triangles on the Road

So far I have about twelve of these Churn Dash blocks done and I’m gearing up to do more.  My quilting was put on hold for a while during preparations for my daughter Roxie’s wedding, and I’m anxious to get some serious quilting time in soon.  Each block needs 4 waste triangles.

While traveling, I like to use my down time on the computer designing or writing more patterns. But there are times after teaching all day that I don’t want to do any more serious thinking! So for this last trip I planed ahead and brought along some waste triangles to trim.

Everything I need to trim fits nicely in this plastic portfolio.

As I was working on the wedding quilt and creating these waste triangles I just started laying them out on sheets of paper and kept stacking the sheets.

Several layers slide nicely into a gallon size zip lock bag.

The rest of my supplies fit in also and I’m ready to go!

I will use these churn dash blocks as my leaders and enders while I sew on another quilt. It takes a little organizing ahead of time to do this but the results are so worth it!