Steamer Trunk Treasure Quilt and the Cross Block

I’ve just uploaded to YouTube a video on the Cross Block for my Steamer Trunk Treasure quilt.  This is a quilt I designed several years ago to showcase a collection of fabrics I designed for Windham Fabrics.  The fabrics have sold out long ago but this quilt pattern is timeless!  Here is the link to the video

Steamer Trunk Treasure Quilt USE THIS

This video has step by step instructions for making the Cross block.

Steamer Trunk Cross block

While making the sample block to show at the start of the video I fell in love with simplicity of this block and how easy it was to make.  It’s been several years since I made the Steamer Trunk Treasure quilt and at the time I was under a tight deadline (1 week start to finish) to get it done in time for Quilt Market and really didn’t have the time to enjoy the process.

Cross block

This time I took the time to enjoy the construction of the block as I was mentally making notes on how I wanted to present the demo of it and any hints that I wanted to pass on to a beginner quilter, or anyone making this block for the first time.

I think I will be making a quilt someday using just this block, it’s one of those projects that can be worked on between other projects when you just need to do some stitching and don’t want to do any thinking!

The Steamer Trunk Treasure quilt pattern is available for purchase from my website.

With this video I also announced a free pattern offer: When you purchase a book from my website you can receive a free pattern of your choice from any of my published patterns (retail value $10 or less) .

Write the name of the pattern in the Inscription area.

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One free pattern per book purchased. Yes, if you purchase more than one book you may select a free pattern for each book purchased!

You must write in the pattern name at the time of purchase, if a pattern name is not written in a free pattern will not be shipped after the book is shipped.

Please feel free to share the video link with any of your friends and quilting groups that you belong to.

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Tulsa Retreat Part 1

What a wonderful room we had to quilt in! It was on two levels and each level was about 50′ x 50′. Organized by the Green Country Quilt Guild, 39 quilters gathered together for a Nickel Mania retreat. This was the first retreat for the guild and they did a wonderful job of putting it together. This is a view from the front of the room.

This is the upper level with some tables for sewing and where we also ate our meals.  A big thank you to Dawn and her staff for the great meals we enjoyed.

In a Nickel Mania Retreat the quilters are able to work on any of my quilts.  I teach it all!  And what a fantastic experience for everyone to be able to see such a extensive variety of quilts, all made from 5″ squares!

Here are some of the quilts being worked on this retreat weekend:

Idaho Beauty from the More Nickel Quilts book.

Mount Hood from the first Nickel Quilts book.

Paducah Nine Patch is found in the first Nickel Quilts book as well. In this example, the block alternates with nice big plain squares, making the quilt much more doable for someone who doesn’t want to make the entire quilt from just the Paducah Nine patch block.

Chesapeake – is an individual pattern.   The block in Chesapeake and the next quilt Dawn to Dusk are the same block with many possibilities for changing the layout of the blocks within the quilts.

Dawn to Dusk is found in the More Nickel Quilts book.

Always after a big retreat weekend like this I am sure I have managed to hook many of these retreaters into looking at 5″ squares in a whole new way!