Silver Lining with Alternate Block #23

Thank you to everyone who is supporting small businesses at this time.

Presenting today’s quilt, Silver Lining with Alternate Block #23. As I mentioned in the post for Block #22, I am playing with the Picket Fence unit and the designs it creates.  Not sure what I mean by Picket Fence unit – think Flying Geese unit with only one triangle.

For this block I added a Flying Geese unit to the sides of the block. By doing that the focus, for me anyway, shifts from the open area in #22 back to the main block by enlarging and enhancing it.   Enjoy!

Link to Silver Lining Quilt Two Block Design Guide

Block size 12″ finished

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I have created a book that contains the quilt images and cutting and assembly information for each of the blocks. This book is available now on my website as a PDF download.   Link to Silver Lining Quilt Two Block Design Guide

A big thank you to everyone who has made a purchase from my website, it means a lot to me now since sales from my website are my only source of income for the foreseeable future.  A virtual hug to all of you!

Stay safe, stay home, and quilt!


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