Silver Lining and Alternate Block #2

Presenting the second quilt in this series, Silver Lining with Alternate Block 2. It’s a simple variation on the shoo fly block.

I’m not going to be changing the colors used in these quilts because I wanted to see what the differences are without also changing the fabrics. I think we have all seen a quilt pattern made in very different fabrics and it’s sometimes hard to believe it’s the same quilt.

Block size 12″ finished

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If anyone is interested I hope to have block directions available in 2 to 3 weeks for all 31 blocks as a PDF download from my website.

Stay safe, stay home, and quilt!


4 thoughts on “Silver Lining and Alternate Block #2

  1. So good to hear from you. I have been wondering what you were doing since I had a class several years ago with you at Ferndale in Little Rock.


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