Using Charm Packs in the Big Dipper Block

I’ve just uploaded to YouTube a video on using charm packs in the Big Dipper block. This block is perfect for making the most of those charm packs!

Here is the link to the video

two Big Dipper blocks

Using two identical charm packs for the pairs of squares.

2 charm packs

Sorting out the squares from each charm pack into the pairs of identical squares. I like to just make a stack of these pairs and sort for my lights, mediums, and darks later.

Stacking squares

All sorted into what I considered the lights, mediums, and darks.


And now the fun begins! I start auditioning the fabrics to see which fabrics, when sewn together, might make some great hourglass units. I’ll be combining; lights with mediums or darks, and the mediums with the darks. With this collection of fabrics there is enough color contrast within the mediums that I could combine some mediums together and have hourglass units that sparkle!


With this video I also continue a free pattern offer: When you purchase a book from my website you can receive a free pattern of your choice from any of my published patterns (retail value $10 or less) .

Write the name of the pattern in the “Inscription Area” next to your book selection.

Book order page with circle

One free pattern per book purchased. Yes if you purchase more than one book you may select a free pattern for each book purchased!

You must write in the pattern name at the time of purchase, if a pattern name is not written in a free pattern will not be shipped after the book is shipped.

Please feel free to share the video link with any of your friends and quilting groups that you belong to.

Thank you,

Pat Speth author of:  Nickel QuiltsMore Nickel Quilts, Amazing Nickel QuiltsNickel Quilts & Borders, and The Big Book of Nickel Quilts

To schedule a Nickel Quilt lecture or workshop contact Pat at the email below.


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