Picnic Quilt Finish

Yippee!  My portion of the picnic quilt is all done!  This quilt is for my daughter Roxie and her husband Tom.  I worked on this quilt with Tom’s mother, Mary. Yes both of us Mother-in-Laws are quilters and we also made their wedding quilt together. We got together to piece the blocks and set this quilt together. Then since I have a long arm quilting machine I quilted it and sewed on the binding. The quilt then was handed off to Mary to hand stitch the binding down.

Quilt Section

I’m pretty excited about the upcycling we were able to do with this quilt. All the plaids and denims used in the blocks were from thrift store shirts or dresses (100% cotton).  The binding is from a denim curtain I found at a thrift store, 100% cotton and no signs of wear or sun damage.

Binding for Picnic Quilt

The backing comes from a duvet cover, also a thrift store find.  It had an Eddie Bauer label and has a beautiful feel to it, lots of life left in this piece, and of course it was plaid!

Back of Picnic Quilt

Here are Tom and Roxie holding the quilt, and Mary will have the binding finished in plenty of time for many picnics this year! It’s really fun to give someone a picnic quilt, one that is meant to be laid on the grass or sand, have a little wine or food spilled on it, and a good size to really stretch out on and read a good book.

Roxie and Tom with Quilt

And of course this was made with 5″ squares!


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8 thoughts on “Picnic Quilt Finish

  1. What a great gift that is! I love that it all came from the thrift store. That’s where most of my plaids come from, and I get a great variety – all at 50% off by buying only the discounted color tag each week.

  2. Did you use shirt denim or blue jean denim; would faded blue jeans denim work; or would that be to heavy,. and is there a way to print the pattern; with out all of the extras on it………just the pattern.

    • Denim was from shirts or dresses. I’ve not tried quilting with blue jean weight denim, but I think it might be too heavy when used with the plaid fabrics. You could try to copy and paste off of the page if you don’t want to print the whole page.

  3. Inspiring quilt, really love it and it will be enjoyed by your family. Thank you for all the patterns you share, especially this one. I had a collection of plaids waiting for inspiration. Diana London UK

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