Next Set of Deli Geese Blocks

I normally decide on the block names while I am working on them or after I have finished them.  This time inspiration hit first.  I received this adorable little jar of jam in my Christmas stocking.  Too cute!  I now live in Minnesota, Paul Bunyan country, and naming this next set of blocks, Paul Bunyan and Babe fits perfectly into the twosome theme that I have going.

Paul and Babe

The names have been decided on and so have the blocks.

block drawing

I’ve picked the fabrics for the Half-Square-Triangles that the Deli Geese will be made from. Once the Deli Geese units have been made I then pull fabrics for the inside portion of the blocks.


Have I mentioned lately that I love combining plaids and prints?  Time to go stitch up those blocks!


Deli Geese Block Project Index

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2 thoughts on “Next Set of Deli Geese Blocks

  1. I really like the way these go together. I was going to say I LOVE them, but I say that every set you post! I think the plaids is one of the reasons I love these blocks.

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