New Wheels For My Longarm

I’ve had my longarm machine for about 10 years and this last year I think I let the sewing head sit too long in the same position.  When I turned it on a few of weeks ago to practice before loading on a quilt top, at least one of the wheels seemed to have developed a slight flat spot and it did not glide nice and smooth like it should. So I ordered a new set of wheels for it; new and improved wheels as it turned out.

Great instructions with lots of pictures came with the replacement wheels. The estimate of how long it should take to replace them was one hour each for the sewing head and for the carriage for a total of two hours. I have to laugh; yes the actual replacing of the wheels took about that amount of time but that’s like saying Thanksgiving dinner takes twenty minutes, which it can if you don’t factor in preparing the menu, grocery shopping, a lot of cooking time, and cleanup!


I studied the longarm for a little while trying to decide if it was possible to change the wheels without taking the whole thing apart, not a chance!  So off with the four rollers, the tension bracket, the take up motor, the sewing head, and the carriage.  Luckily I had all the tools and the original installation instructions.  On the original setup the sewing head was upside down and held in place with packing material in order to bolt on the wheels.  I did not relish the thought of turning the sewing head upside down all by myself; so spying a couple of folding chairs nearby I decided just to rest the sewing head on top of the two chairs and I scooched under it very carefully. Success!

sewing head on chairs copy

I managed to lose a special washer in the dismantling process and it took two trips to the hardware store for a replacement.  After almost two days of effort everything has been put back together. I loaded on some sheets just for practice, fired up the machine, and it works great!

It works

Now to quilt those quilt tops I have ready!

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