Retreat November 17, 2014

I am retreating all this week with quilting friends in New Glarus, Wisconsin! I got up early yesterday (around 4:30am), loaded the van, shoveled snow for an hour before heading out of town. We arrived yesterday afternoon and have settled in for some quilting, catching up on what everyone’s been up to, and just having a great time.

I brought several projects along to work on; one is the UFO I took to work on during a couple of teaching trips. It’s still not done but I do enjoy making these blocks, which is a good thing because the design I’ve decided on needs 140 blocks!

UFO blocks

I have two different sets of churn dash blocks with me that are ready to be set together into quilt tops. They are just positive and negative versions of the same block. I liked both versions and since I have no shortage of fabric in my life and I love to piece blocks I’m making both!

Playing with a tub of 6″ floral squares I’ve combined them with solids. This version has the solids making the churn dash in the center.

Churn Dash A

And this version has the florals creating the churn dash.

Churn Dash B

I’ll also make the next pair of Deli Geese blocks.

Deli Geese

I have a few more projects with me, one can never bring too many to a week long retreat and sometimes I get tired of a project and want to work on something else for awhile.

Hope your week will be as great as mine!

Pat Speth author of:  Nickel QuiltsMore Nickel Quilts, Amazing Nickel QuiltsNickel Quilts & Borders, and The Big Book of Nickel Quilts

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4 thoughts on “Retreat November 17, 2014

  1. Thanks for showing the Churn Dash blocks. It helped me make choices as to whether I want the prints in the churn dash or the background. Enjoy your quilting time with friends.

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