A Twenty Year Old UFO!

I have some down time on this road trip so I planned ahead and brought some projects to work on. I dug out a UFO that has to be around twenty years old!  The blocks are 6″ and a variation on the traditional Northwind block.


These are some arrangements I’m considering; grouping them into sets of four that would then finish 12″.


So far I have 52 of the blocks done. I’m not sure what my original plan was for these blocks but I think it may have been for a twin size quilt.

52 blocks

I have some nice stacks of parts all coordinated for blocks and then I have some parts that don’t go with anything!


This box is about is about a third full of the pre cut parts and I have no clue how many there are.  I could take the time to count them, which would appeal to the accountant in me, I could just wing it and make blocks until I run out of parts and design the quilt from what I have, and that would appeal to the artist in me.

Box of parts

Whatever I decide to do I will keep you posted with the progress.  Anyone else out there inspired to dig out an old UFO and work on it?


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11 thoughts on “A Twenty Year Old UFO!

  1. Love it Pat! I have two sitting on my table right now, not to mention my “to Do” shelf….I LOVE those blocks! Can you share the pattern????

  2. What fun! I can’t even say which arrangement I like the best. I do UFOs all the time, but they aren’t mine. People donate blocks, half-finished projects, fabric – I make American Hero Quilts from them. You know. Sometimes one person’s blocks will go with another person’s blocks and that’s serendipity! I enjoy it, actually, so I can understand that not even remembering the original plan, you will enjoy coming up with something wonderful here. Go with the artist and wing it. =)

  3. The name of this block eludes me. Looking at Northwind block on Quilters Cache, it is not a match. Northwind has a triangle on each corner which is the same as this block. However, the inner portion is definitely different. One part of your block has a half-square triangle and the other side doesn’t (or maybe the camera didn’t pick up the HST seam). Wow! What a block. Great for scraps. My curiosity is peaked.

  4. Don’t you just love finding alol those “old” fabrics and noticing how trends change over time? SEVERAL of my UFO’s are from the 90’s — ’nuff said …

    Karen, who needed that kick to go dig one of hers out and MOVE IT FORWARD …

  5. I think some of your “old” fabrics are still in my stash!!!! I was cleaning and found an old top that was never quilted. Probably will quilt it and donate as it as all navy’s and pink, so not me!!

  6. I have my Baltimore album blocks on my table just waiting for inspiration for joining. Sash or not? What borders. I started this in 1990!

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