Bear Creek Quilters

A great quilting day with Bear Creek Quilters in Keller, Texas!  The workshop was Small Wonders in which eight quilts can be worked on all in the same workshop!  There were so many enthusiastic future Nickel Quilters in this guild they had to schedule a second workshop to accommodate everyone!

Bear Creek 5

Bear Creek 1

Lots of room to spread out and they did, just like quilters everywhere, we tend to use up all the horizontal space around us.

Bear Creek 2

Fabric choices varied; there were stash fabrics, traded 5″ squares, and newly purchased charm packs. They all make great Nickel Quilts!

Bear Creek 3

Bear Creek 4

Lots of wonderful quilts were started today and I look forward to seeing the finished projects!


Pat Speth author of:  Nickel QuiltsMore Nickel Quilts, Amazing Nickel QuiltsNickel Quilts & Borders, and The Big Book of Nickel Quilts

To schedule a Nickel Quilt lecture or workshop contact Pat at the email below.


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