Garden Start

Slowly but surely things are coming back to life in my yard and garden.  I planted a bunch of flowers last year, some perennials and some annuals and I didn’t do a real good job of marking where the perennials were so it’s a surprise to see what’s popping up and where!

These are some perennial violets which I think look a lot like pansies.


Violet B

Some old fashioned bleeding hearts.  I also have some lilies of the valley planted but they are a little slower and no blooms yet.

Bleeding Hearts

My small rhubarb patch is awesome! From just four plants I’m going to be able to make many batches of rhubarb crisp.  And since rhubarb is a vegetable I can eat it guilt free, sort of like carrot cake!

Rhubarb a

Rhubarb b

My strawberries have a mind of their own and have migrated out of the garden bed they were planted in. These are just of few of the new plants that I need to replant back into their bed. Last year after the berries started coming in the birds were eating them, so to keep the birds out I covered them with netting. After awhile I noticed that even though these were ever bearing strawberries, there were no more berries.  I have since decided that the netting was too dense for even the bees to go through so this year I will not cover them and see what happens.


My method of gardening is pretty much; I don’t have a clue what I am doing but am willing to give it a try! This is my third year of gardening and I am a master at green beans and tomatoes, I’m still using up what I was able to freeze from last years harvest.


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5 thoughts on “Garden Start

  1. Your garden looks wonderful!

    We are preparing our beds for September when spring arrives in the southern hemisphere.

    I remember rhubarb from my childhood, but have never prepared any dishes with it myself. Maybe we shall try it….

    Thanks for the lovely Deli Geese Blocks – my sister and I have recently joined your mailing list, and are planning to start with these on Friday! J

    Take care,


  2. I bought an old house in So. Minneapolis 25 years or more ago, and the yard came with a garden. It was so fun to find rhubarb and aspargus that first spring. They are 2 of my favorite foods. 3 moves and 25 years later, I have never had either in a garden. Now, I wonder why not?? I do love your violets. I stopped yesterday looking at somebody’s pansies that looked absolutely perfect. These violets would be wonderful to have surprising you every spring!

  3. Love the pansy/violets. Our rhubarb went crazy this year with huge 15-20″ leaves and many stalks. My daughter raises chickens and they shared the pooh last year that I let cool down and applied this year. Mother nature likes natural. Thanks for sharing your outdoor area.

    • I don’t have any chickens but I do have my compost piles and will be able to add this to my garden beds this year as well as some organic cow manure.

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