Milkweed Plants

In February I heard about a crisis in the Monarch Butterfly  population. After doing a little reading I discovered that the Monarch Butterflies need Milkweed plants, it’s the only thing that the larvae can eat.  So I ordered some rooted milkweed cuttings from Live to plant in my yard.  They also offer free seeds!

This is what the rooted milkweed cuttings looked like when they arrived.  I was very pleased with their overall condition considering they were packed in a box and shipped half way across the country!

plants upon arrival

It’s actually still not safe to plant anything outside here in Saint Paul, MN if you want it to survive, we can still dip below freezing at night and the “Official Safe to Plant Things” date is Memorial Day.

I have transplanted these milkweed plants into yogurt containers, it’s a good thing I just happened to have 50 of these stored in my garage!  This will keep them happy and healthy I hope, until Memorial Day. I ordered 100 cuttings and there are two in each yogurt container


I’m so excited about this that I went back to the Live Monarch site and have also order a bunch of seeds. I’m thinking of turning a large chunk of my backyard into a wildflower garden, mowing grass is way overrated!


I’m looking forward to seeing Monarchs in my yard this year!


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7 thoughts on “Milkweed Plants

  1. Thank you for this information. I just ordered a bunch of seeds and will plant them in my backyard as soon as they arrive. I hadn’t heard about the monarchs being in trouble, and they are one of the most beautiful creatures, with amazing migration. I appreciate your post.

  2. Thanks for passing the info along…I know I see a lot of wild milkweed plants along the highway in central Wisconsin where I live…but if we can do something to help why not…as soon as the weather gets nicer I am going to start revitalizing my flower I may have to look into this idea…thanks again…Peg

  3. You would love the book called Flight Behavior by Barbara Kingsolver. It’s all about the Monarch butterflies. I just finished it and I really enjoyed the book. They are definitely interesting creatures.

  4. My first look I thought it was bamboo..and my brain was screaming NO !!!! (We are battling bamboo on our property planted over 30 years ago. Every spring the battle wages on until the first frost in November!). I had to go take a look at some gardening websites to see what the nature of the milkWEED is, and how you manage it. I’m sure you have studied it carefully. I will be interested to know how you deal with it in the fall? Will you be a rope-maker this winter ?? Through out history milkweed had many uses in household, so I imagine you will find a way to make it work for you. I hope the Monarch’s are lovely.

  5. Yesterday I received an email from NRDC Green Gifts. For a small donation to them they will plant Milkweed in the migration path of the Monarch Butterflies and then send a card to someone saying “Happy Mother’s Day” …what a great gift idea for anyone who loves the outdoors!

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