Virginia Consortium of Quilters

It was a travel day for me today.  I am teaching this weekend for the Virginia Consortium of Quilters at their 2014 Celebration.  Every other year they host a 4 day event of non stop quilting fun!

I started my day at 3:30am, my alarm was set for 4:00am but I woke at 3:00am and could not get back to sleep.  This gave me a little extra time so I was not rushed getting out the door and heading to the airport.  I had a 2 ½ hour layover in Atlanta before making my connection and arriving in Roanoke.  Two wonderful quilters picked me up from the airport, a great meal in town, and then on to the conference center.

It was a fun and scenic drive, lots of curves on these mountain roads and the trees are in bloom!

trees in bloom

This is the activities building where the classes and lectures will take place.

Activities Bldg

And look at this great view from the front of the building that we get to enjoy!

view from building

I’m going to have a blast this weekend getting more quilters hooked on making Nickel Quilts!


Pat Speth author of:  Nickel Quilts,   More Nickel Quilts,    Amazing Nickel Quilts,  Nickel Quilts & Borders, and The Big Book of Nickel Quilts

To schedule a Nickel Quilt lecture or workshop contact Pat at the email below.



5 thoughts on “Virginia Consortium of Quilters

  1. Enjoy your trip to Southwest Virginia. I’m “camping” this weekend with the Wolf Hills Quilters in Abingdon, Virginia (a bit further west than Roanoke). The mountains are beautiful here, too. It’s a great time to be quilting with friends.

    Jean Condon ✿ quilts are like hugs, because you can’t always be there ✿

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