Combination Units – Finished Size 4″

Combination Unit

Combination Unit

For the next Deli Geese Project Blocks I am making pinwheel centers using Combination Units. To make the Combination Units I start with Half Square Triangles, and to make Combination Units that will finish 4″ I use Half Square Triangles that measure 5″. Details on how to make the Half Square Triangles are found here.

Take the Half Square Triangle that measures 5″ square and cut in half on the diagonal.  For now use just the unit on the right.  The unit on the left will also be made into Combination Units but we need to pay attention to the fact that we have just created right sided and left sided units and to keep them separated.

HST cut in half


For the larger triangle in the Combination Unit select another 5″ square and cut it in half on the diagonal.

5 inch square cut on the diagonal

Sew the two pieces together, set the seam, and press towards the larger triangle.  Now we trim this unit to 4 1/2″.

Combination Unit ready to trim

Align the 45º diagonal line of the ruler with the long seam line in the unit. Position the ruler so that the fabric extends past the ruler on two adjacent edges, with the two remaining edges extending past the 4 1/2″ lines of the ruler and with short seam line running through the 4 1/2″ mark on the edge of the ruler (see arrow in picture below). Trim away the fabric extending past the ruler.

detail of trimming with arrow

Reposition the unit so that the two trimmed edges now line up with the 4 1/2″ lines on the ruler and the 45º diagonal line of the ruler is aligned with the long seam line. Trim the remaining two edges. You should have a perfect, 4 1/2″ square combination unit.

Combination Unit

Four of these right sided units will make a pinwheel block.


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