Half Square Triangles – Two More Sizes From a Five Inch Square

For some upcoming Deli Geese Project Blocks I want to make pinwheel centers using Combination Units.  Normally my Combination Units have a finished size of  3 3/4″ when starting with 5″ squares. I begin by using Half Square Triangle units that measure 4 1/2″ unfinished and sew them to more 5″ squares, details can be found in, Pinwheel Promenade, a free pattern on my website. This method would not work for the Deli Geese blocks in which I need an 8″ finished size center.

Combination Unit Combination Unit Actually I think the traditional name for these units is: Half Square Quarter Square Triangle Units, but I decided a long time ago that was way to much trouble for me to say, so I just called them Combination Units because I consider them a combination of the Half Square Triangle Unit and the Quarter Square Triangle Unit.

Now, how to make them with a finished size of 4″ when one starts with a 5″ square of fabric. I know I could start with a larger square of fabric but my goal is to make as many things as possible out of just a 5″ square.

So with a 5″ square of background fabric, draw a diagonal line from corner to corner, then measure over 1/2″ inch and draw a second line.

Background two lines drawn B

Stitch along the drawn lines, just to the inside of them and not right on them. This is to compensate for the thickness of the thread in the seam allowance and the pressing of the fabric over the seam.

Stitching on inside of drawn lines b

Cut between the stitching lines. Set the seams and press to the darker fabric.

Cut unit

Now we have two Half Square Triangle Units. The one on the left measures 5″ unfinished and the one on the right measures 4 1/4″ unfinished.

Two HST units

For my combination units in the Deli Geese Blocks I will use the 5″ Half Square Triangle unit.  The smaller Half Square Triangle unit could be used in a pieced border for the quilt, in an alternate block in the current quilt, or the start of a second quilt.

More details for making the Combination unit will follow in another blog post.


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