Picnic Quilt

A while back my daughter Roxie requested a picnic quilt; a quilt that she and her husband Tom could actually take places and use on the ground without worrying about ruining it. Spring is going to arrive in the Twin Cities one of these days and when it does people tend to head outdoors to enjoy the warmer weather.  So it’s time to start on that picnic quilt.  I’m digging into my stash of upcycled plaids and denim for a quilt that will be fast to make and will hold up to some abuse.

I’m starting with a modified disappearing nine patch that contains 5″ squares of plaids and 2″ wide pieces of denim.

Nine Patch

Measuring and cutting in half in both directions.

Cut into 4 sections

Then arranging the block sections into the layout below.

block arrangement

This is going to make one terrific quilt!

This block as well as many others that I make, uses 5″ squares.  It’s a great block for charm packs, layer cakes, and of course stash fabrics.


Pat Speth author of:  Nickel Quilts,   More Nickel Quilts,    Amazing Nickel Quilts,  Nickel Quilts & Borders, and The Big Book of Nickel Quilts

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