Deli Geese Project – Block #19 – Sonny

Here is block number #19 of the Deli Geese Block Project!



A Deli Geese Project blog follower suggested some blocks names and Sonny and Cher were one of the ideas.  I already had this twosome on my list of names and decided this would be a great time to debut them. These fabrics with their large retro flowers are perfect for a set of blocks named after Sonny and Cher!

For a trip down memory lane – I Got You Babe

Block #19 Sonny, uses the Top Units from Light Flying Geese Units.  Details of making the units are found here.

Top Unit from Light Flying Geese

Top Light unit

Sonny uses:
A – four Top Units from Light Flying Geese units.
B – two pairs* of dark or medium 5″ squares (4 squares total)
C – two 5″ squares background (light)
D – you will use fabric from B
E – four 2 1/4″ squares  background

* A “pair” is two squares that are identical

Take two different squares from B and combine them with background fabric C to make Half Square Triangle units that unfinished measure 4 1/2″ following the instructions here.

Cut two 2 1/2″ squares from each of the remaining B 5″ squares.

Sew these to the background triangle of the Half Square Triangle unit with the connecting corner method that can be seen here.

I refer to this unit as the Shaded Half Square Triangle Unit and one of the quilts I use it in is the Market Square Quilt in my Amazing Nickel Quilts book. The Shaded Half Square Triangle unit should measure 4 1/2″ unfinished.

19 Sonny

This block will measure 12″ at this point and finish 11 1/2″

This block as well as many others in the Deli Geese Block Project uses 5″ squares.  It’s a great block for charm packs, layer cakes, and of course stash fabrics.

Deli Geese, because they’re sliced !


Pat Speth author of:  Nickel Quilts,   More Nickel Quilts,    Amazing Nickel Quilts,  Nickel Quilts & Borders, and The Big Book of Nickel Quilts

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3 thoughts on “Deli Geese Project – Block #19 – Sonny

  1. The minute I saw those fabrics, I thought they were perfect! I grew up with Sonny and Cher music, and that link was like revisiting my teen years. Wonderful name for this block!

  2. Awesome, brings back memories,-Bell Bottoms and Paisley–Maybe in time a Rock and Roll foursome–(Sonny and Cher), Jan and Dean, Don and Phil and Simon and Garfunkel–Just an idea.

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