Disappearing Four Patch

For Deli Geese Project Blocks #15 and #16 you need to know how to make the Disappearing Four Patch block, so I am giving detailed instructions in this blog.

This is what the Disappearing Four Patch block looks like, and since it finishes 8″ it’s a perfect candidate to use in the Deli Geese Project!

Dissappearing Four Patch Block

Select two dark 5″ squares and two light 5″ squares.

Two Dark and Two Light

1. Sew them together into a large Four Patch.

Large Four Patch

2. Measure over 1″ from the center and cut. Do this on both sides of the center seam.

first cut

3. Arrange the units and sew them together.

Flip units

Sew together

4. In the opposite direction, measure over 1″ from the center and cut. Do this on both sides of the center seam.

second cut

5. Arrange the units and sew together. 

second arrange units

Dissappearing Four Patch Block

This block should measure 8 1/2″ at this point and will finish at 8″.

A second way to cut and sew for this block is to do all the cutting first, arrange the pieces, and sew the pieces together like a nine patch.

To do this start with a four patch made from 5″ squares.

Large Four Patch for second method

1. Measure over 1″ from the center seam and cut on both sides of the center seam in each direction, being careful not to let the pieces shift out of position.

all cutting first

2. Arrange the pieces and sew together.

Arrange units

second Disappearing Four Patch

No matter which way you choose to construct this block you’ll have lots of fun making them.

Of course you don’t have to use them in a Deli Geese block, they are great to use in a quilt all by themselves.  As the year draws to an end and we start making New Year’s resolutions and looking at our fabric stashes, this block as well as many others that are made from 5″ squares are great stash busting quilts!


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