Deli Geese Project – Block #13 – Orville

I know I haven’t posted any blocks for awhile, because life got in the way!  I’ve been helping my daughter Roxie and husband Tom with shipping out orders for their business, Frostbeard Studios. They make and sell handcrafted pottery and fun nerdy candles.  Their Etsy shop was featured on some very popular blogs, and sales went through the roof!  I hope this happens every year for them.

So now I’m back in my home studio and trying to get back on the quilting track, in between shoveling after each snow that is!

Here is block number #13 of the Deli Geese Block Project!


13 Orville

Named after Orville Wright and this means another history lesson for me!  I just finished listening to, Undaunted Courage, about the Lewis and Clark Expedition and now I’ll pick out a book about the Wright brothers.

Block #13 Orville uses the Top Units from Dark Flying Geese units.  Details of making the units are found here.

Top Unit from Dark Flying Geese

Top Unit Dark

Orville uses:
A – four Top Units from Dark Flying Geese units
B – one  4 1/2″ square
C – four 2 1/2″ x  4 1/2″ rectangles background (light)
D – eight 2 1/2″ squares added to C with the connecting corner method that can be seen here.
E – four 2 1/2″ squares background
F – four 2 1/4″ squares

13 Orville

This block will measure 12″ at this point and finish 11 1/2″

This block as well as many others in the Deli Geese Block Project uses 5″ squares.  It’s a great block for charm packs, layer cakes, and of course stash fabrics.

Deli Geese, because they’re sliced!


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