Sweet Land of Liberty and Hourglass Units

During the past two months I’ve been gone from home teaching almost nonstop and have not done much with the charity quilts I’m making.  Four Square is ready to be loaded on the longarm and quilted, but it’s going to have to wait a couple more weeks.  I’m packing for a week long retreat, non teaching- I get to quilt!  I have started on my third charity quilt and am taking it with me to work on.  Below is the EQ6 drawing of the quilt, I’m naming it Sweet Land of Liberty and it will go to Quilts of Valor.

Sweet Land of Liberty EQ6 image

To make Sweet Land of Liberty I am making lots of hourglass units.

4 hourglass units

To make hourglass units from 5″ squares, select one dark and one light square.

1 dark 1 light

1. Draw a diagonal line on the wrong side of a 5″ square of background (light) fabric. With right sides together, place the marked background square on top of a square of the main fabric

Line on background

2. Stitch a “scant” 1/4″ wide seam on both sides of the diagonal line.  I always sew my seams using a “scant” 1/4″ wide seam allowance. This is a slightly narrower seam, about a needle-width narrower than the full 1/4″. This narrower seam allows for the thickness of the thread in the seam allowance, the pressing of the fabric over the seam, and results in a more accurately sized unit.  Give it a try!

Stitch on each side

3. Cut on the diagonal line to yield two half-square-triangle units.

Cut on diagonal

4. Press to set the stitching; then press the seam toward the dark fabric.

press to dark

5. Select two different half square triangles and draw a diagonal line on the back of one of them that is perpendicular to the seam line.  Do not trim these units up!

two different hst

6. With right sides together and with light and dark fabrics opposite each other, center the marked unit on top of the other unit. Nestle the center seam and pin in place. Sew on both sides of the diagonal line.

dark against light

7. Cut on the diagonal line. Press to set the stitching; then press the seam to one side in each unit.

Stitch and cut

8. You are ready to trim!  The easiest way trim this unit is with a 4″ square ruler. Simply lay the ruler on the unit with the corners of the ruler lying right on top of the seams.  Trim all four edges.

square up 4 inch ruler

To make four hourglass units that have two different dark fabrics in them like the units shown below simply start with two background squares and two different dark squares and follow steps 1 through 8.

2 dark 2 light4 hourglass units



Pat Speth author of:   Nickel Quilts,    More Nickel Quilts,    Amazing Nickel Quilts,  and  Nickel Quilts & Borders

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7 thoughts on “Sweet Land of Liberty and Hourglass Units

  1. When will your new book be for sale? I have just had a look at Amazon and they do not have it, unless I was looking in the wrong place

    • The Big Book of Nickel Quilts, 40 Projects for 5-Inch Scraps is available now. But please be aware that the quilts contained in this book are the same ones that were in my first two books, Nickel Quilts and More Nickel Quilts. For new designs not contained in my first two books you will want, Amazing Nickel Quilts or Nickel Quilts & Borders which I have self published.

  2. Are the rest of the instructions for Sweet Land of Liberty coming soon, or is there a link to the rest of it? I work with Quilts of Honor– and I love all the Nickel Quilt books. Thanks so much!

  3. I’ve been saving the e-mail about this post to come back when I had time and today is the day! Thanks so much. This makes things nice and easy. I, too, sew the scant quarter. I do like this quilt.

  4. This quilt is so great. I am WAY late in discovering your site and all your fabulous projects. I am hooked//////a total fan of your books and now of your site. Thank you for all that you post.

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