Deli Geese Project – Block #1- Scarlett

1 Scarlett

Ok, so this is what happened.  Over a year ago I came up with a very fun technique of sewing together two half square triangle units into Large Flying Geese Units and cutting them in half horizontally.  These pieces can be used to frame an 8″ block (finished size) for some very fun new blocks.

I have been coming up with many great blocks ideas and am very excited about this technique.  My first thought was to wait until I publish this in a book before sharing this information on the Internet. That would mean a wait of at least a couple of years, because I still need to finish my block-a-day calendar before I start any new publishing project.

But I can’t wait, this is just too much fun!  So my next thought on sharing this information was just to do a couple of blogs on the technique and develop a workshop using it.  But that would have been too easy and not enough people reached.  So . . . I am going to do a 365 Block project using this new technique and new blocks!

Don’t expect a block everyday; that’s not going to happen not with my schedule.  But I am going to shoot for a block every few days. I will make each of the blocks so you will get to see all 365 blocks in a variety of fabric styles. Many will be very scrappy from stash fabrics and of course I will be using 5″ squares as much as possible!

I’m calling this technique “Deli Geese” because they’re sliced Flying Geese units! I know, too corny, but you’ll come to love them!

To get started, first you make the Large Flying Geese units following the instructions here.

Make 4 Large Flying Geese units; these measure 4 1/2″ x 8 1/2″ unfinished.

4 Dark Flying Geese

Measure over to the 2 1/4″ mark and cut the Flying Geese units in half. You now have Top Units and Bottom Units. Each of these units will measure 2 1/4″ x 8 1/2″ unfinished.

Dark FG cut in half

Four Top Units will frame an 8″ (finished size) quilt block and the Bottom Units will frame another 8″ quilt block.

4 top and bottom from a dark FG

Depending on how you position the Deli Geese unit, what you have chosen for your center 8″ quilt block, and how you are going to set your blocks together you might want to use just the Top Deli Geese units in one quilt and save the Bottom Deli Geese units for a second quilt.

Now for some terms that I will be using throughout this project:

Dark Flying Geese unit – the body of the goose (the larger triangle) is dark.

Dark Flying Geese Unit

Light Flying Geese unit – the body of the goose (the larger triangle) is light.

Light Flying Geese Unit

Deli Geese Unit – used when referring to either the top or bottom unit from light or dark geese.

Top and Bottom Light and Dark

Top Units – Top Deli Geese unit

Top Units

Bottom Units – Bottom Deli Geese unit

Bottom Units

Are you ready for the first block?

Here it is, block number # 1 of the Deli Geese Block Project!


1 Scarlett

I’m calling it Scarlett and the next one will be called Rhett.  Since this method makes Top Units and Bottom Units I’ll be working in sets of two for the blocks.

Scarlet uses:

A – four Top Units from Dark Flying Geese units

B – four 2 1/4″ squares

C – four 4 1/2″ squares

D – eight 2 1/2″ squares added to C with the connecting corner method that can be seen here.

1 Scarlett

This block will measure 12″ at this point and finish 11 1/2″.

Something to mention on this block and many others in this Deli Geese Block Project is the points of the triangles in the Deli Geese units do not always line up with the points of the units in the center of the block, they are not suppose to! Isn’t this great?!

Close up with circle

Next block in the project will be #2 the Rhett block using the Bottom Unit.


Pat Speth author of:   Nickel Quilts,    More Nickel Quilts,    Amazing Nickel Quilts,  and  Nickel Quilts & Borders

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9 thoughts on “Deli Geese Project – Block #1- Scarlett

  1. What a neat block, and interesting project! Thanks for sharing. I’m sure you’ll come up with more creative quilts in time for a next book.

  2. What a great concept! Sure beats trying to decide how big to make corners when you want segments to look like your half flying geese!!! Thank you.

    • Hello Lucy, they are all on my blog. Just use the search feature on the upper right side of any of my blog pages, on the black bar. Type in any block number, for example Block #12 and it will take you there. Enjoy!

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