Four Square Setting Audition

I’m still on the road teaching and in the hotel rooms I have some time to catch up on writing about the quilts I am making. When I’m at home and the choice is: do I work on the computer or do I quilt, guess which one usually wins?

This is my setting audition of Four Square.

Whenever I audition blocks in a setting for a quilt I always start with the blocks just block-to-block and row-to-row.  This would be a good setting for these blocks if you wanted to do some custom quilting in the large plain spaces where four blocks come together.

block to block

However, I am longarm challenged and don’t like my quilting to be the focus on any quilt I make so I’m going to try adding sashing.  I do like the way this looks with the scrappy sashing between the blocks. And the great thing about scrappy sashing is you don’t have to worry about running out of the fabric you’re using!

Scrappy Sashing

But I just have to try these with one sashing fabric.  I really enjoyed the speed of the quilt assembly on the Turnabout quilt with one sashing fabric.  I glanced around my studio and my eyes landed on a piece of vintage gold/mustard yellow. Looked like enough yardage in this piece for what I needed so I gave it a try.

Gold Sashing

I love it! It is so bright and cheerful and makes me happy just looking at it.  I’ll save the scrappy sashing for another quilt someday.

Now it’s time to assemble this quilt!



3 thoughts on “Four Square Setting Audition

  1. The blocks pop with the yellow; but the print in the yellow keeps it from overwhelming you! I love the scrappy sashings. I think when you use the scrappy sashings, the white triangles give your eye a place to rest. Enjoy playing as you quilt. Happy stitching.

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