Tri County Quilters and the Half Square Triangle & Four Patch Workshop

Setting up a workshop with the Tri County Quilters for a special event they hosted in Cranberry, PA.  I’m ready to get these quilters hooked on making some fun scrappy Nickel Quilts!

Set up in progress

Today’s workshop is Half Square Triangles and Four Patches, with fifteen different quilts to choose from.  Yes, all fifteen quilts can be worked on in this workshop!

At least two quilters decided on the Path and Styles quilt that is in my More Nickel Quilts book. This version contains batiks with a fall color theme, perfect for this time of year!

Path and Styles

This version is a lot like my quilt, very scrappy with many warm toned fabrics.

Path and Styles 2

Idaho Beauty is also in More Nickel Quilts, and was selected by three of the quilters in today’s workshop. This first block is really scrappy and a great example of what your blocks are going to look like if you are working with light/background fabrics that have a lot of texture in them.  This is a good block to use those fabrics in, the block is bold enough and the half square triangles are large enough to utilize those fabrics and still see the overall design of the block.

Idaho Beauty 1

The block below has a color and fabric choices similar to my quilt.

Idaho Beauty 2

This quilter has selected a palette of blues and browns to work in.

Idaho Beauty 3

This is Sunny Lanes from my first Nickel Quilt book.  A great quilt to use every fabric in!

Sunny Lanes

I’m looking forward to seeing the finished quilts!



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