Allentown Crazy Quilters and Pictures from Idaho!

The Crazy Quilters Guild in Allentown, PA had two Nickel Quilt workshops, and in the first one I was too busy to even get my camera out.  Since I teach several different quilts in each workshop I have a lot to cover and this involves a lot of dashing around the room helping everyone. Who knew that the training I had as a waitress back in my high school days would come in so handy in my teaching?

In the Half Square Triangle and Four Patch workshop I did manage to take a few pictures before we started to pack up. This is a block from the Texas Two Step quilt that is in my Amazing Nickel Quilt book.

Texas Two Step

Blocks by two different quilters for the Jewel Box quilt that is found in my first book, Nickel Quilts. These gals chose Christmas fabrics like in the quilt I made. Will they have them done by Christmas?

Jewel Box 1

Jewel Box 2

Below are two blocks for the Sunny Lanes quilt that is also in the Nickel Quilts book.  This workshop participant chose a monochromatic color scheme and I think it’s great!  My quilt was very scrappy and used every color possible, one of my sample blocks is shown in the upper right of the picture.

Sunny Lanes

Allentown quilters remember to send me pictures of your quilts!

The quilters from the North Idaho Quilters have sent pictures of quilts from a workshop earlier in the year.

In the picture below the quilts are from left to right:

South Dakota Star – an individual pattern

Star and Hourglass block – in More Nickel Quilts

Star and Crown – an individual pattern

Prairie Gems – in Amazing Nickel Quilts

Idaho quilts 1

Now for the second half of the room in the picture below, the quilts from left to right:

Prairie Gems – I know it’s a repeat but it’s worth showing twice!

Star and Hourglass, this time a red and green variation – in More Nickel Quilts

Tillie’s Treasure – in Nickel Quilts

Star and Hourglass

Idaho quilts 2

Great job quilters! I love to see the quilts, thank you Julie for sending these pictures!



One thought on “Allentown Crazy Quilters and Pictures from Idaho!

  1. I love these pictures! Oh how I’m anxious to get back to my Nickel Quilt books. So many wonderful designs. Wish you were in this area for classes. ( bay area around San Francisco)

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