Road Trip Kentucky Portion

I’m on an extended teaching road trip and my first stop was the Bluegrass Quilt Festival in Shepherdsville, KY.  One of the workshops I taught there was the “Small Wonders” workshop, in which seven different quilts can be made.  And guess what quilt (along with 30 others) is traveling with me on this trip?  Turnabout!  I’m having so much fun sharing it with other quilters before I send it off to a charity this winter.  The Turnabout quilt is also constructed with what I refer to as the “Small Wonders” technique so I offered it as an additional option for this workshop.


This is South Dakota Star, just one of the quilts being worked on in this workshop.

S D Star

Now I’m leaving Kentucky behind and heading to Pennsylvania, with an overnight stop in Maryland.  The leaves are starting to turn!  I was worried that it might be a little too early in the season to see the Fall foliage but Mother Nature is already putting on the show!

Turning Leaves MD

Fall, such a great time of year! Many quilt guilds schedule retreats at this time- If you’re not sure what to pack up and take to your retreat, work on a Nickel Quilt! Grab those stash fabrics, charm packs and fat quarters, and make a scrap quilt that will be loved for years to come!


6 thoughts on “Road Trip Kentucky Portion

  1. Love your “Turnabout” quilt. I remember you showing us those blocks at guild.
    I finally finished my Butterfly Waltz that I was working on when you did a workshop with our guild 2 months ago. I was going to make it Queen size for the guest bedroom, but my husband liked it so much I had to make it King size for our bed. It came out beautiful.

  2. I am retreating October 31-November 3. One of my projects will be Path and Stiles, a WIP. I have pieced 17 of 20 blocks and have one seam left on the last 3 blocks. Then I will start on the borders. I love your projects!

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