Putting Binding on the Turnabout Quilt

I’m home for two weeks this time between teaching trips so I had time to get the Turnabout quilt ready for binding.  Here is the quilt off of the longarm machine, the extra backing and batting has been trimmed away.

ready for binding

I already had the binding sewn together and pressed.


I’ve sewn the binding on by machine and now I’ve started on the handwork.  It’s a perfect project for me to work in the evening especially since the temperatures in Saint Paul have been getting down into the 50’s at night!

binding in progress

Here is a look at the fun backing I picked out to go on this quilt.


This quilt has been so fun to make and guess what? I’ve already started on my next one!


6 thoughts on “Putting Binding on the Turnabout Quilt

  1. Love the quilt, especially using sashings and cornerstones. And really like that backing, where did you find it? I haven’t touched my butterfly waltz since our workshop with you. I’ve been so busy quilting for Eagle Ranch. did 8 this week. But after one more I’ll get back to butterfly waltz.

  2. Okay, so I have a question. Do you square up before you quilt? And/or after it’s quilted? I always have a problem with a quilted top in that the edges aren’t completely straight, so then I wonder how I’m supposed to add my binding strips. I’ve always just kind of eyeballed it, but wonder if I should use my ruler, line it up with a border seam, and mark a line around the edge to which I would pin my binding? I love the backing fabric on your quilt!

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