Turnabout is on the Longarm

I have loaded the Turnabout quilt onto the longarm machine and it’s in the process of being quilted.  This first picture shows the quilt top attached to one of the rollers. Note the fabric on the side and bottom edge of the quilt, this is not border fabric but leaders that I always attach on all edges of the quilt with a machine basting stitch.  With the first quilt I ever loaded on a longarm machine I decided I did not like the way the edges of the quilt could be distorted or all the pinning I had to do along the edges.  This is the method I have used ever since and what works for me.

Leader Strips

In the process of quilting.

On longarm C

A couple of pictures showing the quilting.  I’m using an all over edge to edge simple swirl.

on longarm

on longarm B

It’s about half quilted and won’t take long to finish I just have to work it in between everything else on my to do list!



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