Baby Quilt / Lap Quilt Finish

Before I sent the last of the Baby quilts off I remembered to take a few photos.  This is the quilt just off of the longarm machine and ready for binding.

Ready for trimming

A close up of my basic all-over quilting which disappears on the quilt and you sometimes really have to look for it to notice it.  This time I used just an easy star and loop design and you really can’t see it very well, which believe it or not is what I am after; I want my piecing and the fabrics to be the focus of my quilts and not the quilting.

Close up

The quilt completely done and pinned up onto the design wall!

Finished quilt

There will be a few more of these for me to make as lap quilts.  My daughter Roxie fell in love with these and I have many of the table runner sections to still put to use, and of course lots of plaids from thrift store shirts since it seems I am unable to stop buying them!


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