Antique Shop Quilts

On my last road trip I stopped in a couple of antique malls on my way home to stretch my legs and to hunt for those great old quilts.

This was a wonderful old top in perfect condition and recently hand quilted; love all those charm triangles!

1000 Pyramids

Below is a great old quilt that has seen better days, but what I found interesting was that when looking at the quilt in the antique shop I didn’t notice any plan to the fabric placement in the flying geese units.  It wasn’t until I looked at the photo that I noticed the careful placement of blue in the sky portion of the units in every other unit.

Flying Geese

This quilt top was fabulous and really hard to leave behind!


A closer look at this corner section reveals a fun “make do” patch on the brown large triangle.  The setting triangles all had bias edges along the outside, I wonder how much they have stretched out of shape over the years?

Bias edge

I have always loved the simplicity and versatility of the nine patch block; this quilt was a delight and I like how the use of some black fabric makes this quilt sparkle.

Double nine patch

Time to stop looking for antique quilts and get home to work on my own!



One thought on “Antique Shop Quilts

  1. That Basket is amazing and marvelous–I would have bought it just to study the fabrics.As to whether I’d have the patience to remove and replace the outer triangles…..Well,maybe.Maybe not.

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