Thrifting for Shirts

I’ve mentioned before how I love thrift shopping and finding deals on great cotton shirts that can be cut up and used for fabric in quilts. I’ve got tubs and tubs of shirts at home (I didn’t plan on doing this!), but on a recent trip I was suppose to have early check in at my hotel and when I got there they had no record of the request and so I had three hours to kill before I could check in.

Well, I took that as a sign and had my Garmin search out the nearest thrift shops.  One shop had a 49¢ tag sale and at another shop they had a 50% off sale on a certain color of tags.  Now I ask you who could pass up those deals? Not I. And look at what I got!

Piles of shirts

I even managed to pick up another cutting board for a design wall at one shop and then the second shop had a flannel backed tablecloth!

Cutting board

This is definitely a vintage cutting board, look at the price!  I think they now sell for around $19 and I got it for just $2.99. I love thrifting!

price on cutting board

Now I need to let these shirts inspire me for a few fun quilts!


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