Turnabout Quilt Assembly Part 2

Taking advantage of the fact that I am using the same fabric for all the sashing pieces and inner border, I decided to piece together sections of the sashing fabric and cornerstone fabric. I will then cut it into strips; fast and efficient!

If making the quilt yourself, here is the information you need:

From the sashing fabric cut 2 pieces that measure 13″ x 12″

And 6 pieces that measure 7 1/2″ x 12″

From the cornerstone fabric cut 5 pieces that measure 1 1/2″ x 12″

Sew the pieces together with the 13″ x 12″ pieces on the outside.

Sections for sashing rows

Cut this pieced section into 7 segments that are 1 1/2″ wide. In the picture below I have folded the pieced section into thirds before cutting.

Strip cut sections for sashing

Now, sew these sashing rows between each of the block rows.

Sections pieced together with sashing rows

Add a 2″ wide inner border piece to the top and bottom pieced border rows.

Inner border added to top and bottom pieced borders

Sew the pieced border rows onto the top and bottom of the quilt and your quilt top is done!

Top is done

I love this quilt! And what’s really fun to realize is that most of the fabrics in this quilt are ten to twenty years old! This quilt makes great use of those fabrics and I know many quilters have stashes like mine that span a few decades!  I’m giving this to charity and I also think it would be a good charity quilt project for quilt guilds and individuals.  This quilt measures 58 1/2″ x 74 1/2″, and because of how it is constructed if you want to make it in a different size it’s very easy to do.

Now it’s time to load this on the machine and get it quilted!

To find all the blog posts relating to the Turnabout quilt, simply type “Turnabout” in the search box that is located on the black bar near the top right of each blog page. 

If you belong to a quilt guild let your program chairperson know it’s time for a Nickel Quilt workshop where I teach many fun quilts and techniques!



2 thoughts on “Turnabout Quilt Assembly Part 2

  1. Love this quilt and will be on my TO DO list… Have several FQ’s to use up…Thanks for all your information and loved your garden pictures, sure wish I lived closer… God Bless

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