Garden Update

The garden is really taking off and we are harvesting some things already.  I planted the yellow summer squash, zucchini, cucumbers, and butternut squash in an area by themselves and did not plant them in the raised beds since they take up lots of area.

Full garden

When I arrived home after my last trip I noticed that the cucumbers and butternut squash were really starting to spread out all over the place and needed to have something to climb on or I would be stepping on them while trying to harvest them or the plants next to them.

Does the item in the picture below look familiar?  It’s a vintage clothes drying rack!  I picked it up at Goodwill about a year ago thinking it would be fun to store quilt tops on but I don’t have enough floor space in my studio to have it extended to it’s full size so it has just been standing around folded up and unused.  So now it’s outside and we shall see how it does holding up the butternut squash vines!

Drying Rack

The adorable baby cucumbers grew to full size while I was away and now they are ready for salads.  I also picked my first zucchini of the year.  I didn’t even notice it a week ago but that’s the way zucchini are and they like to hide under leaves.


So now harvest time begins with new things to be picked everyday!


1 thought on “Garden Update

  1. Pat Love the drying rack…. Zucchini grow 3 times their size overnight so keep an eye on them….
    Lovely garden…. Rosemary Martens

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