Garden Start

Last year I followed the guidelines for when to plant in my northern climate. They say May 31st is the day when you can plant and not have to worry about overnight frost killing off your seedlings. This year I wanted to get the garden in sooner than that thinking that if we get a frost and things die off I’ll just replant.  Well Mother Nature had other ideas and we still had snow storms blowing through Minnesota the first week of May. OK, so maybe I do need to follow the advice of the experts.

We needed this time anyway to build additional beds for the garden, doubling the planting area we had last year.  Tom built the beds with some help from Roxie.  Don’t they make a great team?  This married couple also works together in their business, Frostbeard Studio.

Roxie and Tom sawing

One thing that surprised me this year was that the green beans that were sown directly in the soil were just as far along after two weeks as the beans that I started early in egg cartons and transplanted into the garden as seedlings.  We started lettuce from seedlings and from seeds, these are the seedlings and the seeds never did germinate so off to the garden center to get more seedlings!

Bedding plants

Did you notice the horizontal tubing in the beds pictured above? Irrigation drip lines that Tom installed, so less time watering and more time to enjoy.This photo below shows all eight beds planted and everything is taking off nicely.

Eight beds

To fill the beds we had 3 cubic yards of dirt delivered and we all pitched in shoveling the dirt into the wheelbarrow and dumping it in the new beds.  What’s really great about shoveling snow for six months of the year is that you use those same muscles for gardening! We laid down a fabric liner around and between the beds to keep down the weeds and covered the liner with mulch.  Four trips to the Ramsey County Compost center for free mulch, each time filling the bed of Roxie and Tom’s small truck. Hooray for free mulch!


3 thoughts on “Garden Start

  1. Great garden, Pat. I do the raised beds garden here in East Texas because my soil is very poor quality. My spring stuff is already done and I have Purple Hull peas and Okra up. Typical Southern veggies. It is already hot and humid. I am in the planning stages for a fall garden. I will begin preparing beds in mid July with most of the planting to be done in August and September. Our first frost isn’t until mid November, so we get to be blessed again!
    Hope you enjoy your homegrown goodies!

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