Pieced Border Options for the Turnabout Quilt

I think a pieced border might add something interesting to the Turnabout quilt so I’m going to play around with these picket fence units.  When I was making the block I only used the units on right of the picture below but for the border I am also going to use the units on the left of the picture.

2 HST cut in half

When positioning the half-square-triangle units in the above orientation before cutting you create mirror image units.  Dark units that mirror each other and light units that mirror each other.

Mirror image units

Now I start playing with these units by setting them side by side, flipping, turning, and putting them in as many different arrangements as I can.  All of the following ideas can be found in my Nickel Quilts & Borders book along with about 250 more great pieced border options!

Border units 1 and 2

Border unit 5

Border unit 6

Border unit 7

Border units 8 & 9

Border units 10 & 11

Border units 12 & 13

Isn’t this fun! From just the few simple units shown above we are able to make all of these pieced border options plus many more.  Now for the hard part, which one to choose for the quilt.  I like to audition the borders so my next step will be to draw the quilt in EQ6 and try out some of the borders there.  When I have narrowed down the choices I will go to the design wall with the quilt top and border pieces and try them out.

Now that I’ve given you some fun ideas for pieced borders try adding them to a quilt of your own!


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