Flower Garden

In the last month I’ve taken time to put in two flower beds and double the size of my vegetable garden with help from my daughter Roxie and her husband Tom.  I’m away from home teaching so much that in the past I’ve not really wanted to invest time and money into flowers I don’t have much time to enjoy, but this year I’m going to give it a try. I have one sunny spot and one very shady spot that are being turned into flower beds so off we went shopping for a wide variety of flowers!  This picture shows Tom and I with two carts full of flowers and a few vegetable plants. I’ve never bought so many flowers at one time in my life, we had a blast!

Gertens trip

We selected a mixture of perennials and annuals in a wide range of colors and the following pictures are of the flowers before they were planted in the new flower beds.

Flower 1 copy

Flower 2

Flower 3

Flower 4

It’s going to be so much fun for me to watch these flowers grow the rest of the year!



5 thoughts on “Flower Garden

  1. Do Roxie and Tom help you to plant all these flowers? It’s so much work! I agree with you. It is a pleasure every morning to go and see how they are!Do they need some water, more or less sun?
    and, after the winter, see them making new flowers and beginning stronger.
    Do you remember me, Pat, at Paducah,several years ago, with your friend ,you have taken me to the Eleonor Burns Show…I was so lucky to meet you.
    Congratulations for your fantastic work! I follow you with your newsletters.Thank you so much.

    • Edith yes I do remember you! And where else can you go other than Paducah and feel safe while getting into a car with two complete strangers! Yes Tom and Roxie helped get all those flowers planted and the flowers all survived the transplanting and are doing great. Have you made any Nickel Quilts yet? Pat

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