Turnabout Block Using Charm Packs and Layer Cakes

Although I think the Turnabout block looks good in vintage fabrics others might like to try some of the fun new fabrics available to all of us.  A fast way to get a variety of fabrics that coordinate is to buy charm packs or layer cakes.  If you want your blocks to contain just two fabrics like I’m making mine, you will need four charm packs that are the same or one layer cake.

4 Charms 1 Layer Cake

When working with the charm packs or layer cakes and wanting to utilize all the fabrics within the charm pack I start by sorting them out into piles of lights, mediums, and darks.  The charm pack I decided on was Blush by Basicgrey for Moda.

Blush charm pack

Sorted out into piles of lights, mediums, and darks.

Sorted by value

Now I start putting them into sets of: light + medium, light + dark, or medium + dark. Once I have them arranged by value I will also vary the scale of the print I am putting with another fabric.  I usually start with the fabrics that might be hard to match up to something else.  For example the large print below will look great with this tone-on-tone, but not nearly as nice if I were to combine it with a busier print.

Large scale with tone on tone

Below are the choices I made for grouping the fabrics from this charm pack into sets of two.

1 of 7

2 of 7

3 of 7

4 of 7

5 of 7

6 of 7

7 of 7

I think I came up with some pretty great sets that work well together just by using the fabrics within a charm pack.  So have fun with those charm packs you’ve been collecting and make some wonderful Nickel Quilts!


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