Working With Striped Fabric in the Turnabout Block

Fabrics with stripes can be fun to use in the Turnabout block; all it takes is just a little bit of planning.  The first thing you need to do is lay out the striped fabric with the stripes all going in the same direction. Next, when placing your background on top of your striped fabric, the orientation of the diagonal line needs to be same on all four squares.

Blue and Red

These are the blocks you will get when making half-square-triangles with the stripes positioned as shown above.

Blue and Red Blocks

If you want the stripes to go in the other direction in the block, simply change the direction the stripes are arranged to begin with before adding the background fabric. In the picture below you will see that stripes are now horizontal and the diagonal line on the background fabric remains the same.

Green stripe

Now your blocks will look like this.

Green blocks

Both sets are great looking blocks; it could be fun to make this quilt with only striped fabric as the main fabric.  Oh the possibilities and fun, making Nickel Quilts from stash fabrics!


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