Turnabout Block and Fabric Choices

I’ve been making lots of these Turnabout blocks and having a blast!  Working with some of these vintage and visually challenged fabrics can sometimes be tricky. Note that I did not call them ugly; that would be politically incorrect. VBG!

Some of the blocks are turning out better than others.  These are blocks that are not going to make the cut and find their way into this quilt.  The fabrics just mushed together. My spell checker is telling me “mushed” is not a word, well it is in my world.

Blocks that didn't work

When I auditioned the fabric squares they looked like they were going to work well together.  I think the problem is that the circles in the lighter fabric are about the same scale as some of the flowers in the blue fabric.

Squares I started with

So back to the fabric pile to choose another light to go with this floral print. I’m not giving up on using the blue floral since I have a whole yard of it I cut up into 5″ squares. I can’t even blame it on a fat quarter trade and say someone gave it to me; it was a whole yard which means I purchased it!  So here are some lights that I thought would make a better combination with the blue floral.

Better choices

And now the finished blocks! I can actually see the pattern all those wonderful picket fence units are supposed to create in this block.

Final Blocks

Before I put some of the blocks together I took the time to see what this block would look like scrappier and not so controlled, and I like the look.

Scrappy dark

Scrappy light

This would be a great way to make this block if you do not have sets of four for your darks and lights and are working with single squares.

Next blog:  Working with stripes in the Turnabout block.



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