Turnabout Block – Organizing Your Fabrics and Hints on Sub Cutting

To organize the fabrics for this quilt and many of the quilts I make, I use paper plates.  The Turnabout block uses sets of four dark and sets of four light 5″ squares.  I simply dug into my tubs of squares, pulled out darks and lights, and paired them up into what I hope will make good looking blocks.

Sets of 4 on plates

Before long I have plenty of squares chosen, paired up, and stacked on those paper plates.  As it turns out I think these stacks of squares are enough to make two large lap size quilts, I got a little carried away with pulling fabrics!

Plates stacked and ready

Some thoughts on all the sub cutting you will do when you make this block, note I say when and not if!

To cut down on the number of things I have to pick up and put down all the time I figured out that I like to  leave Blue Dude in one place when sub cutting the half-square-triangles. That way I’m just moving the half-square-triangles into place, cutting, removing the cut units, and replacing them with a new unit to sub cut.

Sub Cutting A

Sub Cutting B

Once the half-square-triangle is cut in half then I repeat the process by placing Blue Dude below the unit.  This way only the unit is put into place, sub cut and moved for the next unit.

Sub Cutting C

Sub cutting D

Lucie the Happy Quilter is already giving this block a try!



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