It’s been gloomy, snowing, and raining for the past several days and I keep putting off cleaning off my longarm machine which lives in my basement. That also means I am putting off getting any quilt tops quilted. I only want to be in my attic studio piecing blocks. So guess what? I’m starting a new quilt, and it’s going to be several new quilts!  Years ago I traded 5″ squares and fat quarters (which you can cut into twelve 5″ squares) like crazy and have tubs full of them.  Many of these fabrics are well over 20 years old and need to be put into quilts, they have aged long enough!

I have the need to make quilts right now for the pure pleasure of it and not think about putting the quilt in a book or pattern which would mean; how would it photograph, is this the best fabric choice for this quilt, and writing up the pattern for publication. I just need to piece!

I’m also celebrating on July 1st my 10 year anniversary of being able to teach quilting as my full time profession and I have been thinking what can I do to celebrate this milestone? So I am going to make and give to charity 10 quilts! I will be sharing the quilts and construction techniques on this blog so others can also share in on the fun of making these quilts.  What I want to focus on is how to make good looking quilts out of older stash fabrics and make them relatively simple.

This is my first project, I’m calling it Turnabout.  It’s made from half-square-triangle units, which are my favorite units to make.

Two blocks

So that you can join along with me in making this block here is the information to get you started. To make the blocks like I did you will need 4 dark 5″ squares that are from the same fabric and 4 light 5″ squares that are the same. Make half-square-triangles units and square them up to 4 1/2″, you will have 8 half-square-triangles that are all the same.

You then measure over 2 1/4″ and cut the unit in half.  Be sure to position all the units in the orientation as shown below.

HST cut in half

Next measure over 4″ and trim 1/2″ off of the solid edge of the unit.

Units with ends trimmed off

Arrange the light units and the dark units as shown.

light units dark units

Sew the seams.

units sewn together

Arrange the units into dark blocks and light blocks.

Dark units for block

Units for the light block

The finished blocks! They will finish 7″.

Finished dark block

Finished light block

Have fun with this block idea and in my next blog I’ll give some additional pointers on working with this block.


6 thoughts on “Turnabout

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  3. Nice block. I’ve done something similar in the block associated with my name; but I love that you did this with HST. They are my FAVORITE block. Thanks to Lucie the Happy Quilter for showing the way to your blog. When I make this I will be sure to give you Pat, all the credit. Mary

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