Table Runners From Plaid and Denim

I designed the baby quilts I’m working on by starting with the desire to use these table runners somewhere in them. To tell you about the table runners I need to take you back to last summer and the preparations for Roxie & Tom’s wedding.  My daughter Roxie and her husband Tom love plaid and love the concept of upcycling.  Well … I just happened to have on-hand tubs full of men’s plaid shirts many of which I only paid 25¢ a piece for.  All are 100% cotton and were intended to be cut into 5″ squares for quilts.  Roxie decided the shirts could be put to better use first as table runners in their plaid themed wedding, she does come up with some good ideas!

Mary, Tom’s mom (and also a quilter), volunteered to sew the table runners and I helped out by cutting the backs out of 60+ shirts and chunks of denim from women’s dresses to help speed the process along.  Knowing that we wanted to use the fabrics in the table runners again for quilts after the wedding, all the seams were serged so that they wouldn’t ravel when they were washed.  Here are the piles of men’s shirt backs and chunks of denim ready to be turned over to Mary.

Plaid and Denim

One of the completed table runners. They measure about 20″ x 68″.

Table Runner

The table runners were a perfect complement for the birch tree candle holders used on the tables.

Table Runner with candles

In addition to plaid table runners Mary also made plaid pennants from the same thrift store shirts to hang as decoration at the wedding and reception.


In true upcycling style the pennants are also used again to decorate Roxie’s Frostbeard Studio booth at craft shows.

This craft show was the No Coast Craft-o-Rama held in Minneapolis in December.  I helped Roxie set up for the craft show and it was fun for me to be just a helper this time.  In the past Roxie has helped me set up at Quilt Market so we do have experience setting up, taking down, and hauling stuff in and out of buildings.

craftorama booth

Now, how am I going to use those table runners in the baby quilts? Stay tuned!


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