Baby Quilts Part 3

I’m back at home after being on the road teaching for the last three out of four weeks.  My laptop is not working so I’ve been unable to use it while away from home.  It’s been a strange start for my year as far as electronics go- first my DVD player quit working, just when I want to watch a few movies while staying tucked in my house on these winter evenings. Then my camera refused to turn on (sent it off for repairs), third  my external hard drive stopped working, and lastly it was my laptop.  I’m a little afraid to touch my longarm!

Now to catch up on the baby quilts.  To avoid complete chaos with all the plaids in the quilt, I’m going to divide and conquer by surrounding the blocks with denim sashing.  The denim is dress weight or shirt weight denim.  The strips are cut 2″ wide and rather than measuring the exact length for the block (8 1/2″) I’m just sewing pieces on and will trim later.

Block with side sashing

Sashing on two sides

Trimming after both sides have been added.

Side sashing trimmed

Then adding top and bottom sashing in the same manner as the sides.

Top and bottom sashing added

For these quilts I’m going to set the blocks in columns separated by additional pieced sashing.  They are going to be three block columns wide so the blocks at the top of the columns will have denim sashing around the entire block.

Three top blocks

The remainder of the blocks only need sashing on the sides and bottom.  I’m making fifteen of these blocks for one quilt.

Blocks with 3 sides sashed

Here are the columns arranged on the design wall and ready to sew together.

Blocks in columns

Next it’s on to the sashing that will separate the columns of blocks.


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