Baby Quilts Part 2

I finished all the half square triangles for the three Baby Quilts I started earlier this month.  I decided to make each quilt a little different by using different blocks for each quilt.  One quilt will have the half square triangle units arranged into pinwheel blocks.


The second quilt will have the units arranged into a broken dishes block.

Broken dishes

The third will use this simple block idea. This block has no name right now, it has elements of the traditional Indian Hatchet, Cedar Tree, and Simple Triangle blocks combined.

Simple Triangles

At this point I lay out all the half square triangles and start arranging sets of them into blocks, stacking each set on either paper plates or cardboard dividers.  This way I can distribute the plaids between all the quilts and I won’t end up with just blue plaids or small brown plaids for the last quilt.  I work this way even when I am making just one quilt to distribute the fabrics throughout the quilt.

Blocks for 3 quilts copy

My next step is to get these blocks sewn together!



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